Bee Blocks and a Giveaway!


So here is a big work in progress. BIG work in progress. The story with this guy is that I really wanted to do a voile quilt. I had all of these different prints of Anna Maria Horner’s voiles and I busted out my Sizzix machine and started chopping up squares. I wasn’t sure where I was going when I was doing it so I just started sewing squares together. The block is actually REALLY fast to put together. Well, after I had all of my squares chopped up my cat decided to do something inappropriate in the basket of squares. Well, I’ll let your minds wonder but I washed the squares and because it was voile it stretched. So I was annoyed and set this project aside for a very long time. Well now it’s back because my Bee is helping me! So Bee friends, here is what I would like you to do!


I sew each row together. Then, I press each row opposite of one another so when the rows are sewn up, the points lock together. That is all there is to it!

Now don’t be nervous if you haven’t sewn with voile before. It’s quite easy and just think of it as normal fabric. It sews right up! Thanks Bee friends and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! And before you go, please check out my Mom’s blog because she is having a GIVEAWAY!!



Flowers a Bloomin

pic5I. Am. Busy. So busy I have become disconnected from some important things in my life. I am giving a lot with work and have taken on a part-time job. I want to be debt free and in a comfortable place in my life. Everyone wants to get there right? Well I’m taking those steps and trying to have some fun while I’m at it!
In the meantime I am spending my free time working out-a lot. And trying new things. Air yoga for example-if you haven’t tried this, it’s amazing. Check out the site here. Lately going home and sitting behind that sewing machine has not been appealing to me, but yet sweating it out in a class is much better right now. Do you ever go through a sewing lull?
Anywho, it’s mid-February-FEBRUARY (and if you watched the Super Bowl commercials, apparently this is a hard word to say). Didn’t I just pack up Christmas because it was the New Year? The flowers are starting to bloom and I haven’t even shown you my Christmas sewing sweat. Yes, that’s right, this quilt made me SWEAT. Just so you know, choosing a quilt to sew because it’s ‘pretty’ may not be the best idea. Read through the directions first? Maybe check to see how many points the pattern has? Eh, that was overrated for me and I jumped in to it. This resulted in me sewing the binding on Christmas Eve Eve until about 1 in the morning-I cut it so close. But it was all for my momma which was well worth it. She may not know how many curse words were said to that quilt though. I mean, how many times can you rip out a seam before the fabric crumbles in your hands?
I finished it though and I did all the steps myself. I didn’t have mom there to ‘guide’ me which I rely on a lot from her. So thank you YouTube for existing, because I am visual and that helped with squaring and binding.
So here are some shots I took in Uptown Charlotte. What a great place to take photos. Not to mention I walked around my city which I don’t do too often. It’s usually at night with some cocktails in me which who really looks around then? I brought my friend and roommate, Bridget, along which helped me a great deal. Not only helping me style the shots but I may have partially climbed on a railing and her shoulders to get a good shot.

pic 1


Close up shot of the stitching. I love how it was quilted!


Busy photo but I loved the pattern on pattern.


Bridget at her finest.


And of course every photo quilt session has to end with a few drinks at the local Irish Pub. YUM!

Oh my, How about that Winner?

Oh man, I have been so caught up with life that I almost forgot to choose the winner! Soooo Kate Brown, you are the winner! I will be sending you an e-mail!

In the meantime, have you seen how close we are to Christmas?? I had a couple of days off after Thanksgiving and was a sewing machine (get it, sewing machine…) so I have been busting out those Christmas presents, not to mention I have two of these to finish before the holidays also. Eek! Not only have I been sewing, but I’ve been in the crafty spirit. So here is a little eye candy of my first time working with burlap!

12 Weeks of Christmas!

Hey Everyone,

If you head over to the FreeSpirit blog I have written a tutorial for the 12 Weeks of Christmas project posts! So please, check it out because it’s a great quick and easy tutorial for gifts.

But before you go, comment for a chance to win a Field Study charm pack! Just comment below on what you are making for the Holidays. Giveaway will end this Friday the 9th!  Thanks and let me know what you think of the tutorial!!

Balancing Act


a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.

Balance has been my biggest downfall this past month; balancing the weight of life has not been an equal distribution. I have been so focused on my work load that family, friends, faith and ME have been pushed aside for the time being to get done what was needed from me with my job. Although this has been a large downside, the upside is that the fruits of my labor were shown this past weekend at a very large trade show I spent a week at in Houston, Texas. That would be International Quilt Festival.

My boss and I have been chipping away at this, full steam ahead, for the past month. We had a 20×70 foot booth to fill (this is a very large space compared to most of the booths) and we had to fill it with lots of eye candy to draw the stores in. After farming out over 150 samples to be sewn, it all, in the end, came together. Let me share some photos. All through the screen of my iPhone.

I have many more photos to share from market coming soon. Now on to practicing more of a balance in my life. 🙂

Nothing is More Exciting than Soap…

That’s right, I’m talking about good ole soap today. Let’s just say I like to keep it exciting. But first is a very delayed picture of my sewing bee. So above is my long overdue photo of July’s block. Oops! Now on to the good stuff…

Wedding responsibilities were calling my name…again. My friend Kristen had a ‘Pamper the Bride’ shower so my duties were a watermelon salad and the shower favors. So I went with scented soap. I mean why not right? Pinterest tends to get me in some trouble. I found the tutorial here. Homemade soap, here we come! I started out grinding down scented dove soap and added some goodies to it including oatmeal. 10 bars of soap later and a bit of carpal tunnel…

I have soap!! They had to dry for 24 hours before I could bag them up! My condo smelled a bit like an old ladies home. Yeah, I stayed home on a Friday night to make soap, so what! (My roommate hasn’t let it go yet…)

Here they are, all bagged up and ready to take home! Threw a little Tiffany’s blue ribbon on them and put them on the table. Soap maker-check.

Then for my food dish I kept it simple and made a watermelon/feta salad. Very easy and quick to put together. But I couldn’t do JUST that, I had to make it a little fancy. So watermelon basket, here we come. I think my first try came out pretty good!

Be sure to check out my Pinterest page-I even have a ’27 Dresses’ board dedicated to all my wedding fun I’m involved in. My bridesmaid bouquet is now hung up! for this year at least.

Another Year…

I never thought the day would come that I would not look forward to birthdays. I used to love them. Like REALLY love them. Hello, the day was about me, why wouldn’t I love it? But the past couple of years I just do NOT. Perhaps it’s because they just aren’t that exciting and I just see my time ticking away!

So to resolve this matter I went back…WAY back and found a few pictures of 2 great birthdays. The first one being the big 18. I was SO excited to turn 18. When I went to college I was only 17 so heck, I couldn’t even get in anywhere with a big X on my hand. So 18 was a big deal for me. My mother threw me an awesome surprise party back home and it was perfect.

As I studied this picture I noticed a few things. A-how freaking skinny I was, B-thank god I don’t pluck my eyebrows like that anymore and C-how I used to rock my highschool ring out that first year of college. Then I started looking at the people in the photo and it made me reminisce and made me a little sad. My best friend from when I was 2 (far right in the orange) has always been a part of my life. I was her maid of honor last year in her wedding. But then, I looked at all those other girls and realized how I very little or never talk to them anymore. It’s strange how times change and how that affects your relationships. I will always cherish the memories and remember all the fun we had which really shows in this photo.

The next birthday that I can’t forget is my big 21. Not only was it my 21st but it was my golden year. Now if you don’t know about golden years let me fill you in. It’s when you turn your age, on the day of your birthday. So I turned 21…on the 21st! Then you get to be obnoxious and make everyone wear gold. Such a great night;above is one of my best friends Chloe and I think this is just a classic shot of us and sums up how we are together.

So, I’m looking towards the future with a positive attitude. I have reflected on my past year and looked at what I have accomplished, what I’m proud of and what I’m still trying to achieve and improve.

I had to take about a month off of sewing due to a lot going on in my life but I have been working on several things lately and will show you snipets soon.