My Modern Mini Challenge Entry

Are you participating in the Modern Mini Challenge? Well this is the first blog challenge I have signed up for and I’m very excited to reveal my finished piece! I found this tutorial from Don’t Call me Betsy. I really liked this bookshelf idea because it relates back to me being an English major, I love to read!


I am new to the quilting side of sewing so first off, the angle of the last tilted book was challenging to me. Also, machine quilting this was new for me as well. I went around the inside of each book, then did the border of all the books.




I also loved choosing which selvage to use for the book spines. Some of the names of the fabric collections were so catchy as ‘book names’ that it made it so hard to choose.

I did find the binding challenging. I think I need to take a mitering class! I plan to redo this binding once I have a few lessons but I wanted to get a finished product done in time for the challenge. Good luck to me!



10 thoughts on “My Modern Mini Challenge Entry

  1. It’s so cute! Love the selvedges you chose too.

    (You can always cut the corners off and round the edges–if you’re using binding that’s been cut on the bias. You know, just in case you need to cheat now and then.)

  2. Great job girl! Absolutely love it and so glad to that you entered. I love Missouri Quilt Company’s you tube tutorial on binding…so easy. πŸ™‚ xoxo…

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