Over the Rainbow Charm Swap 2!

Hey Everyone! My good friend Bianca created the Over the Rainbow charm swap that was very succesful for her last week. WELL with all of the interest, she had a bit of a wait list and suggested I jump into the fun of it and host round 2! So, here I am, organizing my first swap! Bianca taught me her mad swapping skills so I encourage you to join in on the fun! You will end up with amazing fabrics that will inspire you for a great project that I’m sure you already have lined up. Below are the details, and come back this Friday at 11am EST when the sign up goes live!

1. I’m looking for 56 {1 being myself} participants to swap 2 yards of different modern fabric {1 yard of 2 different cuts of fabric}.

2.  Because this is a rainbow swap, i will be assigning everyone a designated color of fabric to purchase.  Please purchase 1 yard of 2 different pieces of fabric from your assigned color. Colors will be assigned after the swap is full. I am going to see what everyone’s favorite colors are and the 8 most popular colors will be assigned for the swap!

3.  Choose a fabric that has a small repeat and/or print.  The scale of the repeat and/or print is very important…remember bigger isn’t always better and in this case, smaller is definitely better. If you choose a pattern that is too large, it may not translate well due to such a small square size!

4.   Cut into 5″ X 5″ charms.  you will cut each yard of your fabric into 56 charms…so you will be responsible for 112 charms.  please refer to elizabeth hartman’s tutorial on cutting the charms. To help in the sorting process, you can take your two different fabrics, and once they are cut, group them in twos (so one charm from each print) and stair stack them.

5.  Fabric must be designer label, 100% cotton, quilt shop quality fabric.  Please no Hancocks, Joanns or Michael’s fabric.  I want to make sure the quality of everyone’s charms are consistent and your finished product has a great feel!

6.  Fabric must be new, unwashed and must come from a smoke-free environment.

7.   Once your fabric is cut, please place it in a ziploc bag and include an index card with your name, email address and physical address…just to be on the safe side.

8.  I’ll be using flickr to manage our swap…so if you’re not on flickr, please join {you don’t have to be active to participate, and it’s so easy to use!} as we will be posting our fabric choices so that we are less likely to have duplicates. It’s exciting to see what everyone posts as well!

9.  This is very important…please mail your charms in a self-addressed-stamped-envelope by April 20th. {sorry…this swap is for US residents only.}

I will be uploading the entry form this Friday here on my blog.  Once the swap is full, I will be sending out an email with your color assignment, reminder of details, and my mailing address…if you have not done this before, it will be so much fun! So please, join in!



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