Cake Testing

At the end of last year I took a Wilton cake decorating 101 class at A.C.Moore. I had so much fun with it that whenever there is a friend’s birthday, I try to make a cake for them. I’m also on the ‘birthday committee’ at work and love bringing in cupcakes and cakes that have some random, fun designs.

Well my friend Haley that I work with is hosting a bridal shower next weekend and asked me to make a cake for the party. EEEEK. The pressure! Of course I said yes because I love to get myself in to these situations, so I wanted to make sure I practiced before the real deal. It was my roommates birthday last Saturday so it was a perfect opportunity to practice. The theme of the party is a ‘Flower Party’ so below is my stab at roses. I thought it came out pretty good! My inspiration came from here. The cake for next weekend will be several more layers and more flowers thrown in to the mix, so hopefully all goes well and I can post lots of pictures. But don’t forget, it has to get from my house to hers! Uh oh, that is a 25 minute drive. I may be the jerk on the road going 10 under the speed limit, oh and if I see a bump-forget it. I’m making sure that cake gets there!

Don’t forget about the Over the Rainbow Charm Swap that opens up THIS Friday. I hope to see your name on the sign up!


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