Many Thanks!

Did everyone have a good St. Patrick’s day?? I spent the day walking around uptown Charlotte enjoying the amazingly warm weather (it was mid 80’s!) and spending time with some great friends. I participated in the Rich and Bennett’s bar crawl that I have done with friends the past 4 years-ever since I have moved to Charlotte. Good times and I always seem to run in to people who I haven’t seen in a very long time! Each year the numbers grow and this year it was 16,000 that joined in on the crawl! I was shocked-uptown was a sea of Green!

 On another note I want to thank everyone that signed up for my Over the Rainbow Charm Swap 2! I was nervous and anxious about how the turn out would be and I was so excited to see the enthusiasm about it! So if you are participating, don’t forget to grab the swap button in my side bar and post it on your blog.

A special thanks to Jennifer over at Ellison Lane, Bianca at Sweet Diesel Designs and my Momma over at Field of Chocolates for a special post on their blog helping me fill up my swap. It was GREATLY appreciated! I can’t wait to start getting the fabrics-it’s going to be Christmas in my mailbox for a few weeks!


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