The Finished Cake!

Last night I put together a cake for my friend Haley who asked me to make a flowery cake for an engagement party she was hosting. I was VERY nervous about putting this together. Let’s just say my night started out by dousing myself in powdered sugar and cocoa powder… but it got better after that.

The first cake was three layers with chocolate icing. I then made a second cake that was two layers and I shaved it down to give it a round look. I then put supports in the first cake and placed the round cake on top of that.

Then it was time to ice the cake-my favorite part! I created several different shades of pink and started piling the flowers on top of each other until I liked the pattern. Four hours and seven batches of icing later, I had a cake! The next part was transporting it 20 minutes away! I’m pretty sure I didn’t make any friends on the interstate, but thankfully it made it there safely.


I just added a few finishing touches and then set it out for the party. I was really happy with how it came out and everyone seemed to love it! I enjoyed making it except for the state of my kitchen after making the icing (my KitchenAid was dog tired) and the transportation part. Who knows what my blood pressure was after that drive!


3 thoughts on “The Finished Cake!

  1. That is a LOT of cake and it is totally gorgeous!!! You are one brave woman. I bet a glass of wine was in order after you got home from delivery. would you do another one?

  2. It looks great! I have always wanted to make cakes but haven’t taken the time to go to class…one day in all my free time. That seems to be my motto these days.

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