Easter Oven Towel Tutorial

I was in Target on friday and passed these cute pot holders in the Easter decor section. I thought they were so cute and for 2.99 I grabbed a few. I then went over to their kitchen towels and they had a perfect pastel blue to match. The towels were also 2.99 so I brought them home to make this cute oven handle kitchen towel! It’s very easy to make and great for the holidays because it adds a little festivity into the kitchen. I made one for my mother and gave it to her today for a little Easter treat! It literally takes about 10 minutes to make so if you need a little gift or a splash of color and holiday cheer in the kitchen, just wip one of these up. Enjoy this little tutorial below!

1- You want to buy a square pot holder with a loop that sits in the middle. Then choose a matching kitchen towel that is to your liking. What I purchased was from Target.

2- Fold the towel in half and place pins at each end to mark the middle of the towel.

3- Line up the ruler to the pins and draw a straight line on the back of the towel.

4- Sew a basting stitch a quarter seam on the left side of the line you drew. Then repeat this on the right side. You now have two basting stitches on each side of your line that you will now use to scrunch the towel.

5- You want to pull your basted stitches until it scrunches to the exact width of the potholder.

6- Once you have the towel pulled to the correct size, you are going to pin right side of potholder to the right side of the towel.

7- Flip your towel over and using a walking foot (there is a lot of bulk, so it is very easy to sew through with a walking foot) sew down the line that you drew on the towel in step 3.

8- Once you have sewn the potholder to the towel, take out your basting stitches you made in step 4.

9- Your are almost done! The loop that is on the potholder is going to loop around your button. So fold this done and decide what size button will fit through this before you sew one on.

10- Once you have selected your button, hand stitch the button on and you are finished with your oven handle kitchen towel!

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial. Would love to hear your feedback!


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