As I’ve mentioned before, along with my bad addition to sewing, I like to dabble in cake decorating. My most recent creation you can see here. Well there is an awesome blog called I Am Baker that I get GREAT ideas from and she has some great tutorials. Even if you don’t bake, go check out her pictures, they will make you drool.

Anywho, she was hosting a giveaway partnered with McCormick and…I WON! I really never win anything even though I enter a lot of blog giveaways, but this time I actually won! I was at a sales conference when I received the e-mail and I may have squealed like a little girl in my hotel room all by myself.

It came only a few days after getting the e-mail during a pretty stressful day at work so it was the perfect treat to the end of a hard day. Except Gino thought it was his perch. I scooted him off of there as soon as I found something to open that box with! 


Not only did it have some awesome prizes, but I opened the box up and it could not have been packaged any prettier!

There was a BEAUTFUL apron (which mom and I are determined to figure out the pattern and make one) and some awesome baking dishes along with some other cooking treats. I could not be more excited and can’t wait to use all of it!!

Posting soon about my activity with the Patchwork Prism QAL. Still time to join so get over there and check it out!


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