The Prism has Begun!

So don’t let me fool you, I have not finished cutting out the prism, BUT, I wanted to go ahead and get it on the design wall-just to make sure I was cutting my colors in the order I wanted to. And plus, I am half way through cutting and was beginning to question myself if I was doing it right! I have about three more colors to cut, then I will be complete! So what do you think so far? Do you like how the colors are flowing? Honest opinions would be greatly appreciated! I can only stare at the wall by myself for so long…I need another set of eyes!

I quickly learned that I do not have a large enough wall space AND my design wall is too small. Eeek! I’m not sure how I will finish laying out the fabric but I will figure it out. This is my first time using my design wall and I love it! Makes life easier, plus my cat isn’t able to walk all over it which is a bonus.

Are you joining in on the Patchwork Prism QAL??


4 thoughts on “The Prism has Begun!

  1. This is looking really good. Very orderly, which is not what I can say about mine haha. I know you want some constructive criticism, and all I can say is you are off to a great start everything goes together well!

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