Swapping in the Middle of Crazy

If you are a sewer and quilter you know what is around the corner. It comes twice a year and it is quite the large event. Yip, you thought right, QUILT MARKET. Well, in my marketing world Quilt Market means booking hotel rooms, planning meetings, designing a booth, filling that booth with LOTS of pretty things and answering many questions for people who do not seem to get around to reading their e-mails. Well, it consumes me for several months and towards the end, involves long working days. But alas, I am towards the end as my crates ship today and make their journey on the freight to Kansas City. This market has been especially stressful because I will not be attending this one which means all my planning has to be perfect! I have been to the last 5 so it is out of the norm for me to be missing one, BUT, one of my best friends is getting married and I have to be by her side during the big day!

With that said, I have of course signed myself up for many more projects. Yes, I am sewing clutches for all the bridesmaids and yes, I did pick one of the most time-consuming patterns. Why not? I have a QAL I’m doing, I have to get my May Bee block done and I hosted a swap too. NO BIG DEAL. Did I mention the two commission projects I must have done by the end of the month? Let’s just say, Coffee, Diet Coke and Red Bull are all in a revolving hand grip in my world right now. But, it felt great to complete one thing, and that has been my Over the Rainbow Charm Swap. It was quite the learning experience for my next swap I decide to host but everyone was great and it produced an awesome stack of fabrics. So let’s see some pics!

This is my awesome best friend and roommate Chloe that helped me sort all of the charms! It took us several hours but ice cream was promised at the end. 🙂

This is ALL of the packages bagged up and ready to go to the Post Office!

Oh my receipt after I made ALL of the people behind me in line OH so happy. I made my boss take a picture and after she took it this little old lady said ‘oh sweety, are you a foreigner’. Made my day…then I tried to explain myself about a fabric swap and she just didn’t get it. But that’s ok, I was so excited these were out the door! I think the Postal lady was more happy I was out the door though.

Is your May equally crazy?


2 thoughts on “Swapping in the Middle of Crazy

  1. Caffeine is the only way to survive the May Madness! Good luck this week as the final pieces all into place–with or without you. And thanks for all the effort and time you put in on the swap.

  2. I can’t even imagine all the sorting and organizing that goes into a swap. You’re a brave girl taking on so much, so close to Market!

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