A Week of Festivities

I have been consumed by wedding festivities! I was able to stand beside one of my best friends while she said her vows, and it was SO special! Above are her lovely flowers before they were put out on the tables. She ordered all her flowers online-it was much cheaper but I had no idea you could do that! We actually got to make our own bouquets which was really fun.






To the left is the bride Tracy and her cute flower girl. On the right are the clutches that I stressed over for two weeks. But, they came out great! I tell myself that all the girls carry their clutches every time they go out on the town…that makes it worth it in my head. 🙂

Here are all of the bridesmaids with their clutches! It was a vintage inspired wedding so we all wore cream dresses of our choice and got to pick the shoes and jewelry we wanted. Most of us wore wedges so we wouldn’t sink in to the ground since it was outside. Love this idea and it’s a dress I will wear again! I embellished the linen clutches with random lace I had at home so they are all a little different. Three were the grey linen and three were the creamy yellow linen.

Here is a picture of my hair which I LOVED. I originally wanted a side pony with curls and little braids throughout…well this ended up being a hair disaster. After it was done I thought I was going to break out in hives because I hated it so much. So I was THAT girl and had it redone. But trust me, I did everyone’s photos a favor by getting this fixed. See the little braid? Love!

So, wedding festivities don’t end here, nope, sure don’t. This was a Friday wedding (a new thing these days) so then I drove to Asheville which was three hours from Tracy’s wedding held in Greensboro. With my makeup still on and a million bobby pins still in my head, I drove to Asheville to get ready at my friend Ashley’s house for the next wedding!

This is my friend Whitney who was a beautiful bride as well. It was a night filled with fun, dancing and a little wine….

This was sent to my boss who had texted me during the wedding wishing she had someone to have some wine with. I sent her this photo and said ‘just take this to the bar with you.’

So can you see why I wasn’t at market? I had to see people get hitched! Everything went great and so did market! I was sad I wasn’t there but glad everything went smoothly. I will show you more from that soon!



And I will give a full post on this wonderful project that I’m so proud of! Eeek!


3 thoughts on “A Week of Festivities

  1. Oh my, you have been busy! The wedding looks like fun. I really like that each bridesmaid chose her own dress. Unless it’s a formal military wedding, I don’t love the matchy matchy dresses everyone always used to choose. I *might* have done that back when I got married, though…..
    Loving your patchwork prism, I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

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