Bees and QALs!

Above is my first block for the Bee I joined and I’m very happy how it came out! I had a bit of an upset though in the middle of this so I did not quite meet the deadline. MY MACHINE BROKE. Did I hear a shriek? Because I did! An entire piece broke in the innards so now I have to order the part, have my pops put it in, blah blah blah. What a pain. Thankfully I had a back up machine, but it was unfamiliar territory AND it doesn’t have a walking foot. I swear, I did not have a walking foot until this past Christmas but take it away now and I go a little crazy. I hope to have it ALL fixed soon!

Then I had to show you my BIG project I have been working on. This is the layout process I went through. I do not have a sewing room or a ginormous design wall, so this is my entire living room floor that I laid this out on! So once everything was set I stacked up each row, numbered them and started sewing away. I will have it back from the quilter this week and am so anxious to get my hands on it! If you are participating in this QAL, Bianca gives some great tips on pinning the rows to help with points.

Here is a black and white shot (I had to do this because the other cool Prism QAL’ers are doing it in the flickr group) to show the light pops throughout the quilt. It really makes you look at the color pattern differently! Sooo many updates to come on this project soon!                                                        

On a non-sewing, stuffgoingoninmylife note, I’m really trying to cook more so I found an awesome blog I had to share. It’s called and it is stuffed with lots of great, healthy recipes. Above is some chicken parm I tried out and it came out AMAZING! I have printed many more recipes that will soon be tried. Gino, my little Italian friend always has to help out in the kitchen as well. He does a very good job at cleaning up any droppings that may occur.


3 thoughts on “Bees and QALs!

  1. Wouldn’t a sewing room and ginormous design wall be such a luxury?! I guess having to use the floor keeps us from cluttering up the living space. 🙂 Although I’m willing to bet that Gino helps with the layout of quilt designs just as well as he helps in the kitchen.

  2. I LOVE your prism quilt!!! I am so bummed that I didn’t start for the QAL.
    I understand not having your machine. We are going out of town for a week and I am already panicking about taking it for service. What if they have a major back up and I don’t get it back when I am ready. Last vacation I took it with me for 10 whole days.
    Btw, we have tried several recipes from skinny taste and have loved everything. That includes my kids!!

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