Sew Complete Prism

It’s a prettypatchprismproject that is FINISHED. I completed the Patchwork Prism challenge, err, QAL I mean and I did it in time to link up in the linky party. I’m so excited! I made the commitment and followed through. It’s very easy to push commitments to the side when they are created by yourself for yourself. But nope, not this time. So check out the shots!

Here is a shot on a white background. Lucky for me I have a brother who has a photography studio so I was able to get a white background shot. Yeah!

I really loved how the quilting came out on this.

Then I was at the parents for Father’s Day and was able to get some pretty yard shots. I love that my parents still rock a clothes line. I don’t see it enough in the city where I live!

What’s great about the back of this quilt is that is was backed in voile. It is a large quilt but SO light because the voile is a very light weight fabric. I wish you could touch it!

Mom’s ‘favorite spot’ for taking quilt photos.

I loved doing this QAL. It’s my first one so I’m pretty proud. Thanks to B for encouraging me. Now to Link Up!


8 thoughts on “Sew Complete Prism

  1. Oh – I love the clothesline shot – you can really appreciate the colors and design. What a great job you did – and in such a short time!

  2. Love your prism…i am from the north east in Aus. We never really heard about clothes dryers ….(just kidding) but really it is the norm to have clothes lines. It still really amazes me when i hear of a property without one. Good luck with the comp!

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