Many Firsts

Hmm, midway through July…really? I will admit, choosing the pool over my computer has been priority lately. I was hoping to get more tan but all that seems to happen is more freckles pop up. Story of my life-perhaps they will all mesh together for one large tan?

I am late in getting this posted, but I actually had these done a long time ago! English paper piecing may just be my new thing. And as new thing I mean in front of the tv, waiting at the doctors…that kind of new thing. It all started when Chelsea, from my Bee asked us to make her some hexie flowers for her ever-growing hexie quilt! So after some tutorial studying, I went at it and found it quite enjoyable. So below is what was shipped off to her. I hope she likes!

A few other NEW things that have been going on with me-well, I won my first sewing anything…ever! I won 3rd place on my Patchwork Prism. I could not be more happy! I’m sure I won’t find any issues with spending that gift card. Yeah!

Then lastly, I am now the Vice President of the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild. I am very excited, but holy nervous. My girl Bianca is President, so I’m right there beside my friend, but we just want to do really well with this and it’s a bit nerve-racking. I’m sure we will figure it out though. I mean, between the both of us, it will be entertaining in the least!


3 thoughts on “Many Firsts

  1. Your hexies are just awesome! I think Chelsea’s idea of getting us to do them for her bee blocks was brilliant, her quilt is going to be amazing.

    I saw where you won a prize in the quilt along, woohoo!

    I’m sure that you two girls will do such a great job running the guild. I just wish I could come down to some meetings and join in the fun!!

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