Bright and Sparkly-Always a Good Thing

It’s confession time. I like things; I like new things, I like bright and sparkly things and I like expensive things. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there. My main squeeze is Anthropologie and if you are familiar, you know it just ain’t cheap. So, I have locked my wallet from going to that store for a while (I’m 3 months clean) and I’ve leaned more to the DIY side of myself. I have it in me, sometimes buying is just easier. I have been hitting up Goodwill recently and have scored some great things! My last trip I got a summer dress (tags still on) a cute sweater dress to tuck away for the winter and finally, a top from my favorite store Anthro, but for a whoppin 5 buck price tag. Not too shabby. So I wanted to share some of my ideas for buying yourself a treat and lending a DIY hand.

When you are in the mood to buy, instead of going and getting a brand new outfitt, buy a snazzy pair of earrings. It something little and low-cost that will really jazz up an outfitt that may need a little something.

I have admitted, I like color, ok, I LOVE color. Bright and sparkly preferably. Another great way to spend just 7 bucks to give yourself a little splash of color is a nice coat of pretty. So that’s exactly what I do. Ok, maybe you aren’t saving money if you buy a new color ever time you pass the bright isle in Target, but this little collection has grown over an amount of time. Promise. Essie is a favorite brand-with a topcoat it will last a solid week.

For me I know it is easy to go out and buy a new shirt if you are headed out on the town that night. Trust me, it’s a common trend with my group of friends. But last weekend I wasn’t going to do it. So I took a bright shirt I had, tried it on, but wasn’t thrilled. It was just sort of plain Jane. So I looked through my buttons and these bright turquoise buttons that I bought a few years ago at Quilt Market caught my eye. I clipped off the old buttons, sewed these on and it totally transformed the shirt. It was a great way to vamp up the shirt without spending the money on something new.

And lastly, I’m a sucker for shoes. Major sucker for shoes. Whether they are heels or casual, I love them all. Well, I couldn’t resist and I bought a pair of Toms. I have a growing Toms collection and just can’t seem to get enough of them. So I bought the purple glitter pair-the most practical pair they sell don’t you agree? Well this may not be a money saver but I will point out this, when you buy a pair of Toms, you are giving one to a child in need. So I remember that and tell myself it’s a win win. 🙂

How are you watching your budget when it comes to your wardrobe? Thrifting? DIY? Would love to hear any great ideas that I can use in the future!

Oh, and here is my Mom’s AWESOME new blog. Check her out, her super cool daughter may have designed her super cool new blog. It’s still being worked on but it’s looking good!


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