Another Year…

I never thought the day would come that I would not look forward to birthdays. I used to love them. Like REALLY love them. Hello, the day was about me, why wouldn’t I love it? But the past couple of years I just do NOT. Perhaps it’s because they just aren’t that exciting and I just see my time ticking away!

So to resolve this matter I went back…WAY back and found a few pictures of 2 great birthdays. The first one being the big 18. I was SO excited to turn 18. When I went to college I was only 17 so heck, I couldn’t even get in anywhere with a big X on my hand. So 18 was a big deal for me. My mother threw me an awesome surprise party back home and it was perfect.

As I studied this picture I noticed a few things. A-how freaking skinny I was, B-thank god I don’t pluck my eyebrows like that anymore and C-how I used to rock my highschool ring out that first year of college. Then I started looking at the people in the photo and it made me reminisce and made me a little sad. My best friend from when I was 2 (far right in the orange) has always been a part of my life. I was her maid of honor last year in her wedding. But then, I looked at all those other girls and realized how I very little or never talk to them anymore. It’s strange how times change and how that affects your relationships. I will always cherish the memories and remember all the fun we had which really shows in this photo.

The next birthday that I can’t forget is my big 21. Not only was it my 21st but it was my golden year. Now if you don’t know about golden years let me fill you in. It’s when you turn your age, on the day of your birthday. So I turned 21…on the 21st! Then you get to be obnoxious and make everyone wear gold. Such a great night;above is one of my best friends Chloe and I think this is just a classic shot of us and sums up how we are together.

So, I’m looking towards the future with a positive attitude. I have reflected on my past year and looked at what I have accomplished, what I’m proud of and what I’m still trying to achieve and improve.

I had to take about a month off of sewing due to a lot going on in my life but I have been working on several things lately and will show you snipets soon.


One thought on “Another Year…

  1. That’s the way girl – Positive! I did not have your savvy at your age. You are talented, pretty and personable – what a great combo and what a proud Mama I am!! (The pic of you and Chloe is one of my favorites)

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