Nothing is More Exciting than Soap…

That’s right, I’m talking about good ole soap today. Let’s just say I like to keep it exciting. But first is a very delayed picture of my sewing bee. So above is my long overdue photo of July’s block. Oops! Now on to the good stuff…

Wedding responsibilities were calling my name…again. My friend Kristen had a ‘Pamper the Bride’ shower so my duties were a watermelon salad and the shower favors. So I went with scented soap. I mean why not right? Pinterest tends to get me in some trouble. I found the tutorial here. Homemade soap, here we come! I started out grinding down scented dove soap and added some goodies to it including oatmeal. 10 bars of soap later and a bit of carpal tunnel…

I have soap!! They had to dry for 24 hours before I could bag them up! My condo smelled a bit like an old ladies home. Yeah, I stayed home on a Friday night to make soap, so what! (My roommate hasn’t let it go yet…)

Here they are, all bagged up and ready to take home! Threw a little Tiffany’s blue ribbon on them and put them on the table. Soap maker-check.

Then for my food dish I kept it simple and made a watermelon/feta salad. Very easy and quick to put together. But I couldn’t do JUST that, I had to make it a little fancy. So watermelon basket, here we come. I think my first try came out pretty good!

Be sure to check out my Pinterest page-I even have a ’27 Dresses’ board dedicated to all my wedding fun I’m involved in. My bridesmaid bouquet is now hung up! for this year at least.


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