12 Weeks of Christmas!

Hey Everyone,

If you head over to the FreeSpirit blog I have written a tutorial for the 12 Weeks of Christmas project posts! So please, check it out because it’s a great quick and easy tutorial for gifts.

But before you go, comment for a chance to win a Field Study charm pack! Just comment below on what you are making for the Holidays. Giveaway will end this Friday the 9th!Β Β Thanks and let me know what you think of the tutorial!!


53 thoughts on “12 Weeks of Christmas!

  1. So cute! And a great gift idea too. My goal for the week….figure out the gifts I need to make. Once I get past that crucial step, things will come together. This idea would take care of most of the nieces on my list. πŸ™‚

  2. Ooh, love this tutorial – I will be adding it to my holiday gift-making list! I’m also planning to do some table runners, and some baking stuff – I have homemade vanilla extract brewing now! πŸ™‚

  3. I am not making a lot of Christmas presents this year, but I am determined to make a Christmas quilt for my husband. He loves Christmas, and I think he will be really happily surprised with this gift!

  4. I only have 1 more gift to decide on. All others are made. I got really busy when I was first diagnosed with cancer as I will be going through chemo over the holidays.

  5. What a great project! I am planning to make loyalty/gift card wallets and key fobs for small Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and for the chance to win!

  6. Stoppong by from sweet diesel designs
    This is a great Christmas gift! Easy tutorial.
    I am making little frame coin purses and
    Some zipper bags for gifts thanks!

  7. This is a great present for difficult teenagers who have everything. Thank you for the tutorial. My homemade gifts this year include needlecases, pincushions, and stuffed frogs. They are all small and quick stocking fillers.

  8. I plan to make this for my granddaughter. I am also making a flower girl dress for my other granddaughter out of tulle. And if I can figure it all out, I will be doing some monograming for my daughters bridesmaids!

  9. Clever tutorial idea! For Christmas, I’m working on a lap quilt for hubby & I. Also want to make a stocking for future daughter-in-law, a zakka house purse for grandgirl, plus gift bags and a variety of other pouches & frame purses….yikes. Better get going!

  10. This will be perfect for 3 of my friends at work and probably 1 for my daughter when she sees them. I am making cushions and tote bags for Christmas but have given this week over to making quilt blocks for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

  11. Ugh! I am way in over my head for this Christmas! I have 2 full size quilts, 2 throw pillowe, 2 lap quilts and 2 weekenders (would love to do 4 – HA!!). That doesn’t include the stockings and throw pillows I want for myself. If it happens, yeah! If not, too bad.

  12. Hi there! Great tutorial πŸ™‚ I’m working on 2 pillowcases for my son’s bed. They are winter themed and I plan to surprise him with them after Thanksgiving.

  13. I am finishing “Owl” knitted hats for my nieces and grandnieces. I also would like to make some of the tea towels, card wallets, and these curling iron cases.

  14. I don’t know what I’m making for Christmas. I want to do some zipper pouches but haven’t even started yet. I’m off to check out your tutorial.

  15. What a great tutorial…love this gift idea!! I’m making Christmas table runners and hot pads and pot holders so far for Christmas. Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  16. This is a great idea and one I can surely use for two friends that travel for their jobs.
    As far as other things I’m making the list is long so I know they won’t all get done. I have Christmas stockings to make for all of our adult children and for their significant others as well as three Grandchildren. After that I have a few quilts I’m hoping to get done as well.

  17. Thanks for the tutorial. I have 4 quilt tops ready to be quilted for Christmas gifts. Also want to make some ornaments & I’ll be baking cookies to give away too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. This rocks! My daughter and her friends are college students that are always traveling back and forth. I will have to add this to the list of wanna-makes this holiday season…scarves, quilts, jammies, coffee sleeves, pot holders. Yay! Off to sew…thanks for the inspiration!

  19. My favorite use of fqs is for quilts. Dollie quilts for my grandnieces are on my list for this year’s Christmas presents.

  20. I am almost finished with a lap quilt for my niece but now need add a straighting iron holder for her. Also making some coin purses, a couple of aprons and some mug rugs. Lots to do and never enough time.

  21. Great tutorial! I am making lap quilts for the holidays (I started early!) and will probably do some last minute small things like pouches and potholders.

  22. Thanks for the picture tutoral this would make a great simple to do gift. I’m really not making any gifts but I’m doing the last step (binding) on a Christmas lap quilt.

  23. Thanks for the great gift idea. I think I will have to make one of these for each of my daughters. I’m working on a quilt as a gift now, but will add more gifts soon.

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