Flowers a Bloomin

pic5I. Am. Busy. So busy I have become disconnected from some important things in my life. I am giving a lot with work and have taken on a part-time job. I want to be debt free and in a comfortable place in my life. Everyone wants to get there right? Well I’m taking those steps and trying to have some fun while I’m at it!
In the meantime I am spending my free time working out-a lot. And trying new things. Air yoga for example-if you haven’t tried this, it’s amazing. Check out the site here. Lately going home and sitting behind that sewing machine has not been appealing to me, but yet sweating it out in a class is much better right now. Do you ever go through a sewing lull?
Anywho, it’s mid-February-FEBRUARY (and if you watched the Super Bowl commercials, apparently this is a hard word to say). Didn’t I just pack up Christmas because it was the New Year? The flowers are starting to bloom and I haven’t even shown you my Christmas sewing sweat. Yes, that’s right, this quilt made me SWEAT. Just so you know, choosing a quilt to sew because it’s ‘pretty’ may not be the best idea. Read through the directions first? Maybe check to see how many points the pattern has? Eh, that was overrated for me and I jumped in to it. This resulted in me sewing the binding on Christmas Eve Eve until about 1 in the morning-I cut it so close. But it was all for my momma which was well worth it. She may not know how many curse words were said to that quilt though. I mean, how many times can you rip out a seam before the fabric crumbles in your hands?
I finished it though and I did all the steps myself. I didn’t have mom there to ‘guide’ me which I rely on a lot from her. So thank you YouTube for existing, because I am visual and that helped with squaring and binding.
So here are some shots I took in Uptown Charlotte. What a great place to take photos. Not to mention I walked around my city which I don’t do too often. It’s usually at night with some cocktails in me which who really looks around then? I brought my friend and roommate, Bridget, along which helped me a great deal. Not only helping me style the shots but I may have partially climbed on a railing and her shoulders to get a good shot.

pic 1


Close up shot of the stitching. I love how it was quilted!


Busy photo but I loved the pattern on pattern.


Bridget at her finest.


And of course every photo quilt session has to end with a few drinks at the local Irish Pub. YUM!


5 thoughts on “Flowers a Bloomin

  1. Love all the dots in this piece!! Fabulous! I’m glad you’re not beating yourself up over the lull in your sewing time. Sometimes you just have to go with it and let life settle itself out. You’ll see the benefits down the road, I’m absolutely sure of it.

  2. That quilt is fabulous!! Love the shots downtown. I often find myself in the same situation when I am there. I have been in a sewing lull and need to get back behind my machine. I did clean my sewing room so that is a start.

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