I Need Your Help!

Ok, so my mother sent me a link for a Craftsy.com (which is a pretty awesome site that you should check out no matter what) contest and now I’m hooked. I have a slight competitive spirit so now I may be slightly determined to win. The contest is for a DIY Wedding Competition. Basically anything that you have made that falls under this category would apply. So I entered my Cake Pop Bouquet that I created for my friend Whitney’s wedding shower last year and I need your help! So basically what you do, is click on THIS LINK and like the project (it’s the little heart in the upper right hand corner of the photo). The direct link is also located on my sidebar. The project with the most likes by August 10th could win a new Bernina. Eek. Thanks so much, below are the photos of my project.

And thanks mom for getting me hooked on this…


Bright and Sparkly-Always a Good Thing

It’s confession time. I like things; I like new things, I like bright and sparkly things and I like expensive things. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there. My main squeeze is Anthropologie and if you are familiar, you know it just ain’t cheap. So, I have locked my wallet from going to that store for a while (I’m 3 months clean) and I’ve leaned more to the DIY side of myself. I have it in me, sometimes buying is just easier. I have been hitting up Goodwill recently and have scored some great things! My last trip I got a summer dress (tags still on) a cute sweater dress to tuck away for the winter and finally, a top from my favorite store Anthro, but for a whoppin 5 buck price tag. Not too shabby. So I wanted to share some of my ideas for buying yourself a treat and lending a DIY hand.

When you are in the mood to buy, instead of going and getting a brand new outfitt, buy a snazzy pair of earrings. It something little and low-cost that will really jazz up an outfitt that may need a little something.

I have admitted, I like color, ok, I LOVE color. Bright and sparkly preferably. Another great way to spend just 7 bucks to give yourself a little splash of color is a nice coat of pretty. So that’s exactly what I do. Ok, maybe you aren’t saving money if you buy a new color ever time you pass the bright isle in Target, but this little collection has grown over an amount of time. Promise. Essie is a favorite brand-with a topcoat it will last a solid week.

For me I know it is easy to go out and buy a new shirt if you are headed out on the town that night. Trust me, it’s a common trend with my group of friends. But last weekend I wasn’t going to do it. So I took a bright shirt I had, tried it on, but wasn’t thrilled. It was just sort of plain Jane. So I looked through my buttons and these bright turquoise buttons that I bought a few years ago at Quilt Market caught my eye. I clipped off the old buttons, sewed these on and it totally transformed the shirt. It was a great way to vamp up the shirt without spending the money on something new.

And lastly, I’m a sucker for shoes. Major sucker for shoes. Whether they are heels or casual, I love them all. Well, I couldn’t resist and I bought a pair of Toms. I have a growing Toms collection and just can’t seem to get enough of them. So I bought the purple glitter pair-the most practical pair they sell don’t you agree? Well this may not be a money saver but I will point out this, when you buy a pair of Toms, you are giving one to a child in need. So I remember that and tell myself it’s a win win. 🙂

How are you watching your budget when it comes to your wardrobe? Thrifting? DIY? Would love to hear any great ideas that I can use in the future!

Oh, and here is my Mom’s AWESOME new blog. Check her out, her super cool daughter may have designed her super cool new blog. It’s still being worked on but it’s looking good!

Many Firsts

Hmm, midway through July…really? I will admit, choosing the pool over my computer has been priority lately. I was hoping to get more tan but all that seems to happen is more freckles pop up. Story of my life-perhaps they will all mesh together for one large tan?

I am late in getting this posted, but I actually had these done a long time ago! English paper piecing may just be my new thing. And as new thing I mean in front of the tv, waiting at the doctors…that kind of new thing. It all started when Chelsea, from my Bee asked us to make her some hexie flowers for her ever-growing hexie quilt! So after some tutorial studying, I went at it and found it quite enjoyable. So below is what was shipped off to her. I hope she likes!

A few other NEW things that have been going on with me-well, I won my first sewing anything…ever! I won 3rd place on my Patchwork Prism. I could not be more happy! I’m sure I won’t find any issues with spending that gift card. Yeah!

Then lastly, I am now the Vice President of the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild. I am very excited, but holy nervous. My girl Bianca is President, so I’m right there beside my friend, but we just want to do really well with this and it’s a bit nerve-racking. I’m sure we will figure it out though. I mean, between the both of us, it will be entertaining in the least!

Happy Independence



Though many are enjoying this beautiful day, a day off work, a day of fun in the sun, remember what our country had to go through to get here. The fight and struggle and what our soldiers continue to go through for us. Our country isn’t perfect, but we have such freedoms that others can’t imagine. Embrace what this day means and mold the innocent little ones to appreciate what we have and to not take advantage.

Enjoy the ones that you hold dear and all the great fun that this day brings. Happy Fourth everyone!

Raleigh Road Trip

I was in Raleigh this weekend because my company was sponsoring the Quilter’s Take Raleigh event that was taking place. There was also a consumer quilting show so my mom came up to join in on the fun. We went to lunch with Tula and John and a delic place that was in walking distance from my hotel. How fun!

I walked in to the hotel room and saw that mom had brought along her Weekender that I made for her at Christmas. It was nice seeing it put to good use. I just wish I made one for myself as well but I’m not sure I want to take on that pattern again…

My co-worker Leann brought me to this AWESOME store called Furbished that was right around the corner in downtown Raleigh. I mean, the door alone let’s you know it’s going to be great inside.

They had furniture, to home accessories, to jewelry. They use a ton of my companies fabric and this was an awesome couch that was out of a Kaffe Fassett print. I wanted to go decorate a home after I was in this store.

And can we talk about this headboard? I want it. I mean, I really want it.

I could have easily just moved in to this store. To top it off they had a sweet dog that greeted you at the door. If that doesn’t get you to buy I don’t know what does.

I missed these going in, but coming out I saw the MASSIVE sunflower plant that was outside the store. Totally amazing. If you are ever in Raleigh, you will have to make time to stop at this store. It’s well worth it. But just plan on spending a little money, it’s inevitable.

Oh yeah, you want to know who won the Signed Tula Pink book? Number 25. Congratulations Melissa, I will be emailing you for your information!

Sew Complete Prism

It’s a prettypatchprismproject that is FINISHED. I completed the Patchwork Prism challenge, err, QAL I mean and I did it in time to link up in the linky party. I’m so excited! I made the commitment and followed through. It’s very easy to push commitments to the side when they are created by yourself for yourself. But nope, not this time. So check out the shots!

Here is a shot on a white background. Lucky for me I have a brother who has a photography studio so I was able to get a white background shot. Yeah!

I really loved how the quilting came out on this.

Then I was at the parents for Father’s Day and was able to get some pretty yard shots. I love that my parents still rock a clothes line. I don’t see it enough in the city where I live!

What’s great about the back of this quilt is that is was backed in voile. It is a large quilt but SO light because the voile is a very light weight fabric. I wish you could touch it!

Mom’s ‘favorite spot’ for taking quilt photos.

I loved doing this QAL. It’s my first one so I’m pretty proud. Thanks to B for encouraging me. Now to Link Up!

Tula Pink Visits & A GIVEAWAY!

Last week I had the opportunity to go visit Ms. Tula Pink at the recently re-opened shop The Little General (previously Karen Gray shop) in Winston. She had an event that evening discussing her design process and was in the shop for 2 hours for a book signing. The shop is amazing….it’s bright, welcoming, quaint, warm…I could go on! Just check out the pics!

Two of these chandeliers were lighting up the store. I fell in love. Can you picture that hanging in your dream sewing room? I can…

They had all ‘pink’ candies set up for the signing also! A beautiful arrangement of flowers was warming the books as well.

 And then Tula herself! Don’t you dig her glasses? A few fun random facts I learned about Tula, she is almost always cracked out on coffee. We got some delish iced coffee from a cute shop around the corner and that was cup number 3 for her…and she was just getting started. Second fact, she isn’t a fan of hot food; likes all of her food cold. Who knew? Now, don’t you feel better that you know this about Tula? I thought so….

 Oh but back to the reason why I went! For the book signing, duh. I just happened to have an extra book with me for her to sign soooo that means one is up for grabs! Yes, comment below to hopefully have your name randomly selected for a copy of Tula’s new book, Quilts from the House of Tula Pink. Comment with what your favorite summer reading material is…and don’t say 50 Shades of Grey…because let’s face it, it’s all the buzz right now and everyone I know is reading it. And yes, I’m on book two. You can enter the giveaway until this Friday, the 15th until noon, EST.


 Good luck with the GIVEAWAY!!!