Bee Blocks and a Giveaway!


So here is a big work in progress. BIG work in progress. The story with this guy is that I really wanted to do a voile quilt. I had all of these different prints of Anna Maria Horner’s voiles and I busted out my Sizzix machine and started chopping up squares. I wasn’t sure where I was going when I was doing it so I just started sewing squares together. The block is actually REALLY fast to put together. Well, after I had all of my squares chopped up my cat decided to do something inappropriate in the basket of squares. Well, I’ll let your minds wonder but I washed the squares and because it was voile it stretched. So I was annoyed and set this project aside for a very long time. Well now it’s back because my Bee is helping me! So Bee friends, here is what I would like you to do!


I sew each row together. Then, I press each row opposite of one another so when the rows are sewn up, the points lock together. That is all there is to it!

Now don’t be nervous if you haven’t sewn with voile before. It’s quite easy and just think of it as normal fabric. It sews right up! Thanks Bee friends and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! And before you go, please check out my Mom’s blog because she is having a GIVEAWAY!!



I Need Your Help!

Ok, so my mother sent me a link for a (which is a pretty awesome site that you should check out no matter what) contest and now I’m hooked. I have a slight competitive spirit so now I may be slightly determined to win. The contest is for a DIY Wedding Competition. Basically anything that you have made that falls under this category would apply. So I entered my Cake Pop Bouquet that I created for my friend Whitney’s wedding shower last year and I need your help! So basically what you do, is click on THIS LINK and like the project (it’s the little heart in the upper right hand corner of the photo). The direct link is also located on my sidebar. The project with the most likes by August 10th could win a new Bernina. Eek. Thanks so much, below are the photos of my project.

And thanks mom for getting me hooked on this…

Bees and QALs!

Above is my first block for the Bee I joined and I’m very happy how it came out! I had a bit of an upset though in the middle of this so I did not quite meet the deadline. MY MACHINE BROKE. Did I hear a shriek? Because I did! An entire piece broke in the innards so now I have to order the part, have my pops put it in, blah blah blah. What a pain. Thankfully I had a back up machine, but it was unfamiliar territory AND it doesn’t have a walking foot. I swear, I did not have a walking foot until this past Christmas but take it away now and I go a little crazy. I hope to have it ALL fixed soon!

Then I had to show you my BIG project I have been working on. This is the layout process I went through. I do not have a sewing room or a ginormous design wall, so this is my entire living room floor that I laid this out on! So once everything was set I stacked up each row, numbered them and started sewing away. I will have it back from the quilter this week and am so anxious to get my hands on it! If you are participating in this QAL, Bianca gives some great tips on pinning the rows to help with points.

Here is a black and white shot (I had to do this because the other cool Prism QAL’ers are doing it in the flickr group) to show the light pops throughout the quilt. It really makes you look at the color pattern differently! Sooo many updates to come on this project soon!                                                        

On a non-sewing, stuffgoingoninmylife note, I’m really trying to cook more so I found an awesome blog I had to share. It’s called and it is stuffed with lots of great, healthy recipes. Above is some chicken parm I tried out and it came out AMAZING! I have printed many more recipes that will soon be tried. Gino, my little Italian friend always has to help out in the kitchen as well. He does a very good job at cleaning up any droppings that may occur.

A Week of Festivities

I have been consumed by wedding festivities! I was able to stand beside one of my best friends while she said her vows, and it was SO special! Above are her lovely flowers before they were put out on the tables. She ordered all her flowers online-it was much cheaper but I had no idea you could do that! We actually got to make our own bouquets which was really fun.






To the left is the bride Tracy and her cute flower girl. On the right are the clutches that I stressed over for two weeks. But, they came out great! I tell myself that all the girls carry their clutches every time they go out on the town…that makes it worth it in my head. 🙂

Here are all of the bridesmaids with their clutches! It was a vintage inspired wedding so we all wore cream dresses of our choice and got to pick the shoes and jewelry we wanted. Most of us wore wedges so we wouldn’t sink in to the ground since it was outside. Love this idea and it’s a dress I will wear again! I embellished the linen clutches with random lace I had at home so they are all a little different. Three were the grey linen and three were the creamy yellow linen.

Here is a picture of my hair which I LOVED. I originally wanted a side pony with curls and little braids throughout…well this ended up being a hair disaster. After it was done I thought I was going to break out in hives because I hated it so much. So I was THAT girl and had it redone. But trust me, I did everyone’s photos a favor by getting this fixed. See the little braid? Love!

So, wedding festivities don’t end here, nope, sure don’t. This was a Friday wedding (a new thing these days) so then I drove to Asheville which was three hours from Tracy’s wedding held in Greensboro. With my makeup still on and a million bobby pins still in my head, I drove to Asheville to get ready at my friend Ashley’s house for the next wedding!

This is my friend Whitney who was a beautiful bride as well. It was a night filled with fun, dancing and a little wine….

This was sent to my boss who had texted me during the wedding wishing she had someone to have some wine with. I sent her this photo and said ‘just take this to the bar with you.’

So can you see why I wasn’t at market? I had to see people get hitched! Everything went great and so did market! I was sad I wasn’t there but glad everything went smoothly. I will show you more from that soon!



And I will give a full post on this wonderful project that I’m so proud of! Eeek!

Swapping in the Middle of Crazy

If you are a sewer and quilter you know what is around the corner. It comes twice a year and it is quite the large event. Yip, you thought right, QUILT MARKET. Well, in my marketing world Quilt Market means booking hotel rooms, planning meetings, designing a booth, filling that booth with LOTS of pretty things and answering many questions for people who do not seem to get around to reading their e-mails. Well, it consumes me for several months and towards the end, involves long working days. But alas, I am towards the end as my crates ship today and make their journey on the freight to Kansas City. This market has been especially stressful because I will not be attending this one which means all my planning has to be perfect! I have been to the last 5 so it is out of the norm for me to be missing one, BUT, one of my best friends is getting married and I have to be by her side during the big day!

With that said, I have of course signed myself up for many more projects. Yes, I am sewing clutches for all the bridesmaids and yes, I did pick one of the most time-consuming patterns. Why not? I have a QAL I’m doing, I have to get my May Bee block done and I hosted a swap too. NO BIG DEAL. Did I mention the two commission projects I must have done by the end of the month? Let’s just say, Coffee, Diet Coke and Red Bull are all in a revolving hand grip in my world right now. But, it felt great to complete one thing, and that has been my Over the Rainbow Charm Swap. It was quite the learning experience for my next swap I decide to host but everyone was great and it produced an awesome stack of fabrics. So let’s see some pics!

This is my awesome best friend and roommate Chloe that helped me sort all of the charms! It took us several hours but ice cream was promised at the end. 🙂

This is ALL of the packages bagged up and ready to go to the Post Office!

Oh my receipt after I made ALL of the people behind me in line OH so happy. I made my boss take a picture and after she took it this little old lady said ‘oh sweety, are you a foreigner’. Made my day…then I tried to explain myself about a fabric swap and she just didn’t get it. But that’s ok, I was so excited these were out the door! I think the Postal lady was more happy I was out the door though.

Is your May equally crazy?

The Prism has Begun!

So don’t let me fool you, I have not finished cutting out the prism, BUT, I wanted to go ahead and get it on the design wall-just to make sure I was cutting my colors in the order I wanted to. And plus, I am half way through cutting and was beginning to question myself if I was doing it right! I have about three more colors to cut, then I will be complete! So what do you think so far? Do you like how the colors are flowing? Honest opinions would be greatly appreciated! I can only stare at the wall by myself for so long…I need another set of eyes!

I quickly learned that I do not have a large enough wall space AND my design wall is too small. Eeek! I’m not sure how I will finish laying out the fabric but I will figure it out. This is my first time using my design wall and I love it! Makes life easier, plus my cat isn’t able to walk all over it which is a bonus.

Are you joining in on the Patchwork Prism QAL??

It’s About that Time!

It was my Mother’s birthday recently so she said ‘absolutely NO GIFTS’. Fine, but if I make her something she can’t complain right? So, that’s what I did! I ordered the Fat Quarterly paper piecing addition and made this clock for her that she put in her sewing room. It can always be a pattern past a solid in her world!

It was my first attempt at paper piecing and I really enjoyed it! After a few YouTube videos I figured it out and was on my way! The most challenging part was sewing all of the final pieces together. I may have had some words towards the end and scared my roommates off BUT sometimes that just happens with projects right?? The clock device I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I may have to make one of these for my own sewing area soon!